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Below is a list of shadchanim who are willing to assume a personal vested interest in their shidduch suggestions by contributing to the cost of the first date (even a token amount). This most meaningful investment assures that the suggestion was made after careful consideration for the best interests of all those involved, regardless of how it turns out. The details of this offer, including compensation for facilitating a successful match, vary from shadchan to shadchan, and are described below.

EndTheMadness highly endorses this idea to help add professionalism and accountability to shadchanus, and has granted free advertising space to shadchanim who agree to use this system. We also encourage shadchanim and their clients to employ the Shadchan Code of Responsibility to further clarify the expectations of both parties.

EndTheMadness does not endorse individual shadchanim, and we take neither credit nor responsibility for the conduct of those listed below. We will assume that shadchanim are continuing to use this system until informed otherwise. We urge everyone to conduct themselves with prudence and genuine Torah values, and hope this service leads to many successful shidduchim.

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